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Internet slams groom for refusing to let bride’s father walk him down the aisle

A bride-to-be has shared in a viral post on the popular Reddit forum ‘Am I the asshole’ that her fiancé didn’t want her to be led down the aisle by her father due to a financial disagreement.

In her post, which has garnered more than 11,000 votes since it was shared on Monday, u/throwaway569070 said her father and fiancé had a history of disagreements, but that came to a head when her fiancé said that ‘He didn’t want his dad walking her down the aisle because he didn’t contribute financially to the wedding. This prompted u/throwaway569070 to call her fiancé selfish.

“AITA for calling my fiancé selfish for refusing to let my dad walk me down the aisle?” read the post title of u/throwaway569070.

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Here, an image of a father walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. A woman has shared on Reddit that her fiancé is against her dad walking her down the aisle.
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Walk down the aisle

According to Brides, one of the most “memorable” parts of any wedding is the bride walking down the aisle.

“Traditionally, fathers walk their daughters down the aisle,” the magazine reported. “Once the couple reach the altar, she is then presented to her partner to be married.”

While many brides choose to ask their father to walk them down the aisle, brides can choose to ask someone else who is special to them to walk them down the aisle.

“How someone chooses to approach it can symbolize their core values ​​at this time: independence, support, identity, equality, deeply personal feelings related to this life change,” said the magazine.


Redditor u/throwaway569070 said she doesn’t have a big family, although she and her dad, who raised her as a single parent, have a strong relationship.

She said her fiancé and his father didn’t have a strong relationship and had had their fair share of disagreements, particularly over how u/throwaway569070’s father handled his grief over the death of his mother.

She said her fiancé was angry with his father for speaking out about his struggle after his mother’s death, accusing him of trying to get sympathy from others.

“Their recent disagreement was when my dad refused to give my fiancé money to help with the wedding,” said u/throwaway569070. “My fiancé complained but I said my dad didn’t have to pay for the wedding.”

She said her fiancé told her she needed to find someone else to walk her down the aisle, noting that her father should be “grateful” to still be invited to the wedding.

Upset, u/throwaway569070 argued with her fiancé and said she wanted her dad to be the one to walk her down the aisle.

“He threw a fit saying I was trying to ruin his mood and make him angry on our wedding day, but I called him selfish for [wanting] to take away the moment I’ve always dreamed of about her disagreements with dad,” she said.

Editors react

Reddit users overwhelmingly sided with u/throwaway569070 and urged her to reassess her relationship with her fiancé.

“Your fiancé is trying to control you,” one comment read. “He sees your father as a threat to his control over you.”

“He criticized your dad for the way he handled grief,” another Redditor wrote. “That doesn’t look like a man who knows how to love.”

“I hope you can understand this will be your life if you continue,” one comment read. “Your fiancé will constantly try to separate you from your support system and most likely your friends as well, while putting you down in lots of little ways.”

Newsweek contacted u/throwaway569070 for comment.

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