Propelling the 3D Internet of tomorrow

Propelling the 3D Internet of tomorrow

Digital Village is a technology company that creates tools aimed at transforming the way people shop, play, entertain and socialize, as well as the way we create and monetize these creations – and in a more authentic, sustainable and inclusive way. .

Digital Village is a technology company creating a Metaverse builder, designed to help build fully immersive experiences and Metaverse ecosystems in a simple, scalable, accessible, and sustainable way.

Here, Evelyn Mora, Founder and CEO of Digital Village, discusses the technology, tools and experiences of Digital Village, the Metaverse and Multiverse and what it means for consumers, creators and brands.

Fairchild Studio: What is the Digital Village and how does it work?

Digital Village is a Web 3.0 technology company. We facilitate the creation and management of complete metaverse ecosystems and Web 3.0 infrastructures. We power the Internet of tomorrow.

People can use our World Builder technology to easily create a fully immersive world for their communities or customers. We believe we’re only scratching the surface of what the Metaverse is meant to look like, and we’re building our vision to empower people to build sustainable Metaverse ecosystems with a myriad of different experiences and interactions.

Digital Village is building the technology for mass adoption of the Metaverse. Everything created with our World Builder is easily accessible, interoperable, scalable and 360° sustainable. Previously, creators had to address these topics individually, but Digital Village allows this to happen automatically, allowing people to focus solely on their creations.

The user experience in Digital Village depends on the world you enter. Sometimes it’s a single player, experience designed for you to personally engage. Or enter a multiplayer world to socialize with friends and meet new people. You can enter Digital Village in creator mode to create your metaverse and experiences. Entering Digital Village can be a unique experience when it comes to events and happenings such as fashion weeks or music concerts.

There are 100 experiences and therefore 100 ways of experiencing Digital Village. You can think of Digital Village as a new-age social amusement park built only with sustainable methodologies and ethical algorithms.

You can play, sell and buy, you can co-create or co-own. Various crypto and fiat transactions are enabled in the digital village multiverse which is an ecosystem of various metaverses built by both the community and individual creators and major brands in the fashion, art, architecture industries , music and games.

Fairchild Studio: What was the impetus behind launching Digital Village?

Digital Village believes in building sustainable tools for the metaverse. Our approach is to prioritize the longevity of the environment as well as the economy of the metaverse. Everything from using our tools to reduce or achieve a carbon negative state to sustainable reward systems. We build tools to enable a better future.

Digital Village believes that the infrastructure of the metaverse must be prepared for mass adoption and inclusion. Every asset and environment created with our tools and the UGC tools we release are designed with a focus on interoperability and optimization without compromising beauty and design.

We believe the Metaverse should be accessible to everyone, not just those with experience, hardware, and in-depth knowledge of Web 3.0. The features and interfaces we design are designed to be easily adaptable and understood by the majority of people and compatible with a wide range of hardware devices. Digital Village is building for the masses without underestimating the importance of individuality and creative freedom.

How to access it?

You can access the digital village in several ways. You can access it from the web starting September 30. You can access it immediately with macOS or Windows computers by downloading the Digital Village app from the Digital Village website: You can also access selected Digital Village worlds created by Digital Village Village Community and its customers via mobile.

Fairchild Studio: What makes WWD unique in working with Digital Village?

WWD is the first global media company to enable its own fully native multiplayer metaverse. WWD is now in its second round of selling advertising space in its metaverse to companies like Alibaba, Accenture, Giveback Beauty, Saratoga, Leger and many more from their space storefront. WWD activates in their metaverse and connects these experiences to their physical events on a global scale.

Fairchild Studio: What role does Digital Village play from a sustainability perspective?

We enable sustainability through the tools we build. Due to varying environment specifications for different metaverses, 3D assets are often not optimized for interoperability, preventing travel between different metaverses.

Digital Village Mixer is a software tool that enables rapid, autonomous reconditioning and optimization of assets to meet environmental specifications. This tool allows assets to quickly become metaverse-ready without creating processing bottlenecks.

Atlas Machina is a patent-pending tool that allows users to generate and manage virtual land sales with optimal tokenomics in their metaverse. The Atlas Machina algorithm instantly assigns ratings to each plot of land based on its unique physical characteristics such as elevation, buildable space, and water coverage. At the conclusion of the sale, social factors, such as foot traffic, will impact the valuation of land parcels, creating a dynamic environment where the social input of users influences the market. Blockchain data can be an essential tool, but this information is currently not friendly for mass adoption.

The Village Protocol is a patent-pending solution that transforms complex and unintuitive blockchain transactions and interactions into a user-friendly social interface. The Village Protocol combines the real-time data transparency provided by blockchain with a timeline-like social feed allowing users to easily view and interact with data from the chain and other users.

The Game Scripter tool enables creative individuals to create games and experiences in their field, regardless of their programming experience. Individuals can use the drag-and-drop tool to quickly create new, simple games and experiences. For higher levels of customization, users can access the advanced scripting tool to add more complex logic to their creations. Creators will also have access to monetization tools and analytics to create consistent revenue streams.

All of these tools go under our one main tool which is The World Builder.

The current metaverse landscape takes a monotonous approach to world and land customizations, creating flat/static environments and patches of land with no unique features. The World Builder tool makes it easy to customize and create unique new worlds in the metaverse and gives users full control over their terrain’s aesthetics and structures. The World Builder tool ensures diversity in the metaverse, allowing users to fully express their individuality and ideas, resulting in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Fairchild Studio: How do you see the metaverse evolving?

Everything ends up turning into one big experience instead of several fragmented environments. People access the metaverse every day just like they do on the internet. The metaverse is integrated with all technology channels, like virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, computers, TV, and even wearable technology.

We see Digital Village as the Internet of the future where the physical and the digital are immersed but ethically in a new and better way.

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