Ezoic Introduces Humix - The First AI-Powered Digital Publisher Video Sharing Network

Ezoic Introduces Humix – The First AI-Powered Digital Publisher Video Sharing Network

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After two years of development and stealth testing, Humix launches the first video sharing network of its kind. What makes Humix unique among peers like YouTube or Vimeo is its network of over 30,000 independent websites coupled with emerging AI that enables publishers to share, grow and monetize their videos and audiences better and faster. only through first-generation video platforms.

Ezoic unveiled the first video sharing network to its customers – digital publishers around the world – during Ezoic Content Month and is currently rolling out access to publishers, starting with its VIP publishers.

Humix is ​​an end-to-end video management platform that requires no additional tools or software. Websites can create an account and immediately start sharing or displaying videos to grow an audience and generate revenue through advertising.

Currently, Humix is ​​only available on the Ezoic platform. Websites can create a free Ezoic account and join the Humix network at no cost. If websites start generating significant advertising revenue, Humix offers revenue sharing as a payment at a fraction of what is earned on closed platforms like YouTube.

The Humix Dashboard allows digital publishers to easily view and select videos from a network library to enhance their content with quality videos, drive website traffic, extend watch time and generate revenue. additional income. Publishers control whether the video plays on their website and how often.

For video creators, Humix provides an expanded audience for their content while retaining control, sharing rules, and ownership of their videos. Video publishers can increase video views, grow audience and generate revenue on globally relevant websites, without the gatekeepers of big tech platforms.

Websites generally generate more revenue from advertisers using an open auction network, such as Humix, because there is competition from thousands of ad networks seeking impressions from such a large definable user audience. Google AdSense and YouTube typically operate what is often referred to as a “walled garden” where there is less competition for auctions because all other networks are not allowed to compete for auctions, driving up the prices of sites or content creators are paid for their ad impressions. .

“Video creators see 2-3x more engagement on Humix than on YouTube, while some publishers more than double their ad revenue. There’s no arbiter. It’s up to publishers to decide, not opaque algorithms. The open nature of Humix, combined with our powerful machine learning technology, represents the next generation of video publishing to the web,” says Tyler Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer of Ezoic. “Humix can share videos on websites on a scale totally unmatched today.”

Humix Video Network features include:

  • Grow feature makes it easy to share videos across the Humix network while maintaining ownership and control

  • Display feature uses AI to analyze website pages to match videos with relevant page content and rotates videos when page is refreshed or revisited for better user experience

  • Videos optimized for search and automatically indexed with Google

  • Analytics dashboard provides Humix Network video metrics such as total views, network performance, plays, earned revenue and more

  • Bulk uploads from YouTube

  • Custom video player style

  • Publishers supported by Humix success managers

Ezoic will launch an exciting new initiative through the end of the year called NEXT22. It consists of updated products and services and new ways for publishers to access additional revenue streams. All of this and more will be discussed leading up to and during Ezoic’s Customer Week, as well as through Q4. Publishers can preview all upcoming products and solutions at www.ezoic.com/next.

If you’re not already an Ezoic customer, sign up today and create a Humix Video Network account.

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