Camio Flex CCTV AI Search

Camio Flex CCTV AI Search

SAN MATEO, CA – Camio today announced at GSX a way to run sophisticated computer vision and AI workloads at the edge as Kubernetes clusters, reducing the cost of deploying devices by 73%. security and business intelligence AI applications.

Camio Flex, the new Cloud Native Kubernetes Video Management System alternative, runs AI anywhere along its video processing pipeline, from edge to cloud, to reduce hardware and automate critical storage, scalability and lifecycle management. General-purpose computing tasks once reserved for sophisticated data centers can be orchestrated at the edge, even via IP cameras on a 5G/CBRS network. Camio brings the billions of dollars invested by major technology cloud providers to existing IP cameras in the security industry.

Camio Flex also uses the latest advancements in cutting-edge artificial intelligence processors. For example, with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s state-of-the-art system processing power on a chip easily accessible from containers, Camio enables a group of IP cameras to work together to run AI tasks and data pipelines. that exceed real-time computing power. from any node in the cluster. The resulting combination provides one of the most cost-effective ways to run visual intelligence applications in security, retail, biotech, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services.

Check out Steve Surfaro’s Live Camio Flex demo from GSX:

The approach also supports Camio’s “do-it-yourself detectors,” which are custom AI models created and deployed to the edge by end users themselves. “A large telecommunications customer can now get detailed in-store traffic analytics every 15 minutes from IP cameras in each of its 1,500 stores at a fraction of the bandwidth and cost of running in the cloud,” said Carter Maslan, CEO of Camio. . “Even their do-it-yourself detectors that exclude uniformed deliveries and personnel operate at the periphery using industry-standard IP cameras.”

Camio, with support from Qualcomm Technologies, has prepared reference designs for camera and gateway manufacturers to run edge nodes in Kubernetes clusters to move computing power to the edge for cost savings and lower latency. Camio Flex edge workload orchestration ensures that devices never hit hard limits that could block even the most demanding applications. Containers using the latest cutting-edge AI advancements, like the Qualcomm® AI stack, can be delivered instantly and frequently.

“Global security operations centers are focused on their cost per hour monitored,” Maslan added. “With AI applications running at the edge as containers, GSOCs can run automated tailgating detection and alarm verification without worrying about high cloud costs or exceeding the maximum compute capacity of devices. unique.” Additional savings are achieved through the freedom to use off-the-shelf cameras, access control systems, storage providers and computers.

Edge AI deployments powered by Camio Flex allow device manufacturers and solution providers to run sophisticated computer vision applications at ¼ the cost of running on the cloud. Details of Camio Flex are available at


Founded by former Google execs, Camio is a cloud-native, real-time video search engine. Using AI and standard network cameras, Camio delivers safety and business intelligence for safer, more efficient and more profitable operations. Leaders in real estate, insurance, biotechnology, information technology and higher education around the world use Camio natural language search, real-time alerts and unlimited storage to take action on security challenges and business issues that require human attention.

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