Pharrowtech and AntenneX Collaborate to Evaluate Performance of 60 GHz Millimeter Wave Devices

Pharrowtech and AntenneX Collaborate to Evaluate Performance of 60 GHz Millimeter Wave Devices

Pharrowtech, which designs and develops CMOS-based mmWave hardware and software for next-generation wireless applications, today announces a collaboration with AntenneX to achieve high-quality live measurement capabilities for its transmitter module- 60 GHz high-speed wireless receiver and antenna, PTM1060, using the AntenneX reverberation chamber, which will be unveiled at European Microwave Week in Milan.

AntenneX’s reverberation chamber will be used to validate the PTM1060 design and characterize its performance to provide better quality data and shorten time to market.

AntenneX offers unique products for mmWave device and material measurements, which are also used for internal antenna measurements and material characterization for applications such as wireless communications, car radars, 5G/6G, Internet of Things (IoT), medical imaging, remote sensing, and more.

The collaboration with AntenneX enhances Pharrowtech’s ability to deliver quality millimeter wave integrated circuits (ICs) and RF modules such as the PTM1060 using state-of-the-art measurement methodologies to perform device characterization.

The chip’s performance and capabilities help realize the full potential of fixed wireless access (FWA) deployments, 5G and WiFi infrastructure backhauling, and next-generation consumer electronics, including virtual reality and IoT devices requiring high-speed, low-latency links, while streamlining the design process and reducing total system cost. The CMOS RFIC built into the PTM1060 RF module supports six channels rather than the lowest four, from 54 GHz to 71 GHz, thus providing significantly improved signal performance compared to other products on the market.

Through the use of Pharrowtech’s Evaluation Kit (EVK), built around the PTM1060 RF module, inside AntenneX’s reverb chamber, live testing can be performed without any RF connectors, reducing complexity of the test setup and increasing confidence in the results obtained. Pharrowtech’s evaluation kit demo setup inside the AntenneX reverb chamber will be on display at the AntenneX booth E8 at the event.

Pharrowtech was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from imec, where the founding team led CMOS IP generation and prototype development in mmWave wireless systems for over 15 years. To date, the company has secured over €22 million in venture capital funding from imec-Xpand, Bloc Ventures, Innovation Industries and the KBC Focus Fund.

Carl de Ranter, Vice President of Engineering, Pharrowtech
Our product can consistently deliver fiber-like throughput without disrupting the environment or the high costs of fiber deployments. Thanks to our chip, wireless solutions can now provide fiber-like last-mile connectivity. Our deep technology expertise combined with AntenneX’s testing capabilities will create a device characterization methodology based on our standard EVK providing the enhanced data quality needed to develop today’s network architecture. As a result, customers can begin independent evaluations with confidence knowing they will receive the quality, reliability, and performance they need for high-speed wireless communications and IoT.

Anouk Hubrechsen, project manager, AntenneX
The AntenneX mmWave reverb chamber is a unique solution for OTA testing, as it can measure important wireless device metrics such as total radiated power, but much faster, cheaper and more accurate than traditional anechoic approaches , for any type of millimeter wave device. up to 140GHz. The special chamber design allows customers such as Pharrowtech to test many different parameters in a single measurement campaign and at different stages of the design process. Our products give customers a competitive edge, as we provide guaranteed measurement quality with a budget of uncertainty. This leads to reduced product time to market: no more unnecessary redesigns or time-consuming debugging of homemade measurement setups.

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