Oxford Quantum Circuits partners with Cyxtera to improve accessibility to quantum computers

Oxford Quantum Circuits partners with Cyxtera to improve accessibility to quantum computers

LONDON & MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), Europe’s leader in quantum computing, and Cyxtera (NASDAQ: CYXT), a global leader in data center interconnect and colocation services, today announced that customers will soon have access to quantum computing as a service through Cyxtera’s Reading Data Center Campus LHR3.

This partnership will mark the world’s first integration of a quantum computer in a co-located data center. Customers at Cyxtera’s UK data centers will be able to access OQC’s quantum computer through Cyxtera Digital Exchange, significantly reducing latency times for quantum algorithms and use cases.

“For quantum computing to be truly accessible and realize its full potential as a technology, it must integrate seamlessly into a company’s current computing and data management infrastructure. At this point, it just can’t work in isolation. Through this innovative partnership, we will give Cyxtera customers direct access to our latest quantum computer, within their data centers, at the click of a button, without making any changes to their operations,” said Dr. Ilana Wisby, CEO from OQC.

Today, the vast majority of quantum computers are accessible “as a service” through the public cloud, or through a private cloud, such as OQC’s own cloud. By providing direct access within a Cyxtera data center, OQC will make quantum computing even more accessible and reduce proximity and proximity issues typically associated with the distance between classical applications and the quantum computer.

This deployment marks an important step in moving quantum computing from a “lab” environment to a fully managed, industry-ready environment with security, interconnectivity, network bandwidth, and redundant infrastructure. which will be needed as the technology matures.

OQC selected Cyxtera because of the company’s vision to make innovative technologies more accessible, as well as its ability to easily connect OQC’s quantum-as-a-service platform to multiple customers and meet customer needs. unique accommodations, such as cryogenic systems.

“Quantum computing will enable organizations across a wide range of industries to access unprecedented computing speed and deeper analytical capabilities,” said Randy Rowland, Cyxtera’s COO. “We are delighted to partner with OQC, giving our customers access to the UK’s most advanced quantum computing platform.”

OQC will also join the Cyxtera ecosystem of service providers whose innovative, value-added solutions are available through a marketplace to more than 2,300 Cyxtera customers.

About Cyxtera

Cyxtera is a global leader in colocation and interconnect services, with a footprint of over 60 data centers in over 30 markets. As IT infrastructure becomes increasingly hybrid, complex and distributed, Cyxtera continues to expand its portfolio beyond space and power to deliver more flexible, cloud-like infrastructure solutions on its platform. form of global data center and its robust partner ecosystem. Today, Cyxtera provides more than 2,300 enterprise and government customers with the technology solutions they need to scale faster, achieve financial goals, and gain competitive advantage. For more information, visit www.cyxtera.com.

About Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC)

OQC is the European leader in quantum computing. We bring quantum to our customers’ fingertips and enable them to make breakthrough discoveries. Our quantum computers are available through a private cloud and on Amazon Braket. For more information: www.oxfordquantumcircuits.com.

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