The Best iPhone 12 Cases for 2022

The best iPhone 12 cases for 2022

With the daunting task of making our top picks from such a wide range of options online, we’ve pulled out all the stops to find the iPhone 12 case that’s right for you. We looked at previous customer experiences with different cases and made our comparisons of brand and individual brand specifications.

Some of the criteria we considered included the physical dimensions of the cases, price, durability, access to ports and buttons, and MagSafe compatibility.

We also explored cases with different aesthetics, ranging from transparent cases to silicone cases, leather finishes, and more. At the same time, we’ve focused on finding the best deals and price deals so you’re spending your money in the right place.

Protection: The main task of any phone case is to protect the device. Depending on how you use your phone and what type of cover you want, you can choose from hard cases, soft cases, silicone cases, wallet cases, and flip phone cases.

We looked at different styles and brands to find which offer the best protection for the iPhone 12.

Filter: Although most phone cases don’t cover the screen, for our list we looked at cases with raised bezels as well as flip and wallet cases, which will provide ample protection for the screen.

Buttons: In any iPhone 12 case, the presence of ridges for the phone buttons aids ease of use. As such, we looked at different cases to find ones that make it easier to touch and use the buttons on your iPhone 12.

Cut: A case for your iPhone 12 must be compatible with the dimensions of your phone. Also, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have similar dimensions, which is why you can choose a case for either phone interchangeably.

Thickness: iPhone 12 cases are available in thin and thicker heavier versions. We undertook a thorough review to find moderately thick and thin iPhone 12 cases that would also provide good shock absorption and wouldn’t feel too bulky to use.

Lester: The weight of the iPhone 12 case will affect how easily you carry and use the phone. Most people prefer lightweight cases. Thick and bulky cases, however, offer better shock absorption. We have tried to achieve a balance between protection and weight in our picks.

Style: We scoured a wide range of styles to pick our pick of the best iPhone 12 cases. Our picks ranged from wallet and flip cases to back cases available in different materials.

Design: When it came to designing iPhone 12 cases, we were subjected to a deluge of options. We looked at plain, clear, and patterned cases as well as leather and wood finishes. There is also the possibility of customizable designs, which we considered when making our decision.

Price vs Quality: Comparing different iPhone 12 cases, we tried to balance price with quality. That’s why our picks include mid-range vacuums and budget vacuums.

Sustainability: Since the idea behind buying a case for your iPhone 12 is to protect it, the case itself should be durable. We looked at customer reviews and checked the specifications of each model to select the most durable iPhone 12 cases.

Charging Port Access: The iPhone 12 has a lightning port and can also be charged with MagSafe wireless technology. We explored the various iPhone 12 case options to find ones that would support MagSafe charging and also provide easier access to the standard charging port.

Access to buttons: While choosing the phone case for the iPhone 12, we also looked at the button access feature in each version. The cutouts for the buttons should be located in the right places and should not be too difficult to press.

Access to the camera: The iPhone 12’s camera is one of its most popular features. Any phone case should therefore have a compatible cutout that fits snugly over the camera notch and does not cover any openings.

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