7 Ways to Troubleshoot If Paramount Plus Not Working on Your Streaming Device

7 Ways to Troubleshoot If Paramount Plus Not Working on Your Streaming Device

  • If Paramount Plus isn’t working, try restarting the app and restarting your streaming device.
  • Check your internet connection and see if the Paramount Plus service is experiencing an outage.
  • Here are seven ways to fix Paramount Plus when it’s not working.

Paramount Plus has a slew of content from CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, and other content catalogs, but all of that only has value if you can actually watch the streaming service. If Paramount Plus isn’t working on your phone, computer, Roku, or other device, don’t worry, here are seven of the most common solutions to fix your connection and start streaming.

Restart Paramount Plus

Often the easiest way to fix a streaming service like Paramount Plus is to close and restart the app. When you close an app, it usually deletes all corrupt data that is preventing the app from working properly. This is a good first step whether you need to close the app on your iPhone, Android, streaming media player like Roku, or smart TV. How you do this will vary depending on the type of device you have, but for most streaming devices, select the app, then click and hold or long press it until you see additional options which include force closing the application. There’s no way to force quit an app on Roku, but you can quit the app and then relaunch it.

Check if Paramount Plus is online

The Paramount Plus service doesn’t disconnect often, but if you can’t play any video in the app, it’s entirely possible that Paramount is experiencing an outage. To see if this is the problem, you can check the Paramount Plus status page. If the website reports that the service is offline, you’ll need to watch another streaming service (or go read a book) while you wait for the service to restore.

The Paramount Plus Status webpage.

Visit the Paramount Plus status page to see if there is a known issue with the service.

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Check your internet connection

Of course, if you see a connection error in Paramount Plus – or if your videos play erratically, your internet connection could be to blame. Your WiFi router may need to be restarted, or there may be some kind of service outage at your ISP.

To find out for sure, open a web browser on the device you’re trying to watch Paramount Plus and run Google’s online speed test. If you’re trying to stream Paramount Plus to a streaming media player like a Roku or smart TV, run the speed test on another device in the same room. You must not have an Internet speed lower than 5 Mbps for high definition or 15 Mbps for 4K video streaming. See our guide to internet speeds for more details.

If you can’t perform the speed test on the device you’re using to watch Paramount Plus, be sure to try another streaming app on that device to make sure its internet connection is strong.

Make sure your browser is not running Adblock

If you try to sign in to Paramount Plus in a web browser, you may encounter a problem if your browser is configured with an ad blocker like AdBlock — this extension may interfere with Paramount Plus. You might want to disable it completely, but you can also set AdBlock to ignore Paramount Plus. In Chrome, for example, click the AdBlock plugin icon at the top of the browser and from the drop-down menu choose Do not run on pages in this domain.

Update your Paramount Plus app

If you are using an older version of the Paramount Plus app, there may be a bug or incompatibility preventing it from working properly. Most devices update their apps regularly, but your copy of Paramount Plus may be outdated. If you’re watching on your phone, update the app on your iPhone or Android phone. If you’re using a Roku, go to the Paramount Plus app and tap the Star button. From the context menu, choose Check for updates and let Roku update the app.

Updated Paramount Plus app on Roku.

Check if there is an update available that could resolve your Paramount Plus issue.

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Restart the device

Another easy troubleshooting step: If nothing has worked so far, try restarting your iPhone, Android, or whatever device you’re using. Restarting the entire device can fix many common issues, such as the streaming app not working as expected.

You can turn off most Android devices by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds, or you can pull down control center from the top of the screen and find the power icon. feed. If you want to restart a TV, look for a restart option in the settings menu or simply unplug the power plug, wait a minute, then plug it back in.

Watch Paramount Plus on another device

If all else fails, try Paramount Plus on another device — your phone, tablet, or laptop, for example, if it doesn’t work on your TV. Of course, this won’t fix the root issue, but if it does, it might indicate a problem with the particular app or device that was down. This may help you narrow down the problem later.

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