Big Sandy Superstore implemented to automate operations, reduce costs and boost customer engagement - Furniture Today

Big Sandy Superstore implemented to automate operations, reduce costs and boost customer engagement – Furniture Today

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NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —, the comprehensive customer engagement platform, has streamlined Big Sandy Superstore operations using conversational AI, workflow automation and intelligence from the latest mile to reduce costs, increase delivery confirmation rates and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

Ranked as one of the fastest growing home furnishings retailers with a fleet of over 100 vehicles, Big Sandy Superstore struggled to organize, manage and optimize delivery routes as the business continued to grow. This has resulted in low delivery confirmation rates, a large number of failed delivery attempts, and a sub-optimal delivery experience for its customers. As a result, the furniture retailer struggled to generate positive reviews online.

“We not only wanted to become more effective and efficient in our fulfillment process,” says Trey Vanhoose, President of Big Sandy Superstore, “but we also wanted to move it from a cost center to an opportunity to create engagement and trust with our customers.”

To achieve this, Big Sandy Superstore implemented’s comprehensive customer engagement platform to automate its workflows, centralize its customer data, and create personalized and interactive conversations powered by an AI chatbot. This allowed Big Sandy, in a few months, to experience:

  • 50% reduction in time and labor required for last mile delivery planning and customer support.
  • 40% increase in confirmation rates with interactive customer engagement.
  • 5% drop in delivery failures.
  • 100% growth in positive reviews online.

It was also able to improve customer experience through the responsive chatbot interface and drive more sales through automated post-purchase customer engagement.

“With, we were able to reduce costs and measurably improve customer satisfaction,” says Trey Vanhoose, president of Big Sandy Superstore.Most importantly, Jenny the chatbot helped us transform our post-purchase experience from a cost center into a marketing asset!

Big Sandy Superstore used the mix of chatbot and human interactions to continuously connect with its customers to communicate, listen and respond quickly and efficiently. The personalized engagement provided by has helped develop deeper customer relationships.

“It’s a perfect example of the dramatic benefits that automating customer fulfillment and engagement processes under a single platform can deliver,” says Ziv Fass, co-founder and CEO of “Big Sandy Superstore has not only streamlined its processes and radically improved its customer experience, but is now using automated post-purchase engagement with customers to drive more sales.”

Big Sandy Superstore is now focused on using to help it scale its operations effectively by turning its positive online reviews and phenomenal levels of customer engagement into incremental sales growth.

About is a comprehensive customer engagement platform for high-value retailers and home service providers, bringing together sales, marketing, and fulfillment into a single, fully customer-centric experience. Powered by conversational AI, workflow automation, and last-mile intelligence, it enables brands to effectively build meaningful relationships with their customers, redefine loyalty, and drive more sales. is trusted by major retailers, such as Ashley Furniture, Big Sandy Superstore, Don’s Appliances, and Spencer’s TV & Appliance. For more information, visit

About Big Sandy Superstore

Big Sandy Superstore is a regional chain of furniture stores with stores located in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. In 1953, Big Sandy Superstore was founded in Ashland, Kentucky by Robert Van Hoose, Sr. Today, the company is one of the nation’s top 100 furniture retailers, with 600 employees and operating 16 stores. For more information visit

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