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Internet Stunned By Danish Sleeping Baby Custom: ‘We’d Go To Jail’

A mother has shared a viral video explaining that the Danish practice of sleeping babies outside in their prams is not just the cultural norm, but recommended by midwives and nurses.

Posted by TikTok user @annieineventyrland, the video garnered over 12 million views as it discussed the benefits of having babies sleep outdoors. Sometimes, she says, the baby is left alone in the stroller outside with a baby monitor while the parent runs errands or walks into a cafe.

Time spent outdoors can be one way to ensure a baby gets a good night’s sleep, but the Mayo Clinic had a few other recommendations, including developing a schedule and sticking to a consistent bedtime routine. .

Baby sleeping in stroller
Above is an image of a baby sleeping in a stroller. A woman has shared a video in which she discusses the practice of leaving a baby alone to sleep in a stroller outside.
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“Excessive stimulation in the evening can prevent your baby from falling asleep,” the organization said. “Try bathing, cuddling, singing, playing soft music, or reading, with a clear purpose when you leave the room. Start these activities before your baby gets too tired in a room quiet and dimly lit.”

Parents are also advised to put a drowsy but awake baby to bed. This practice will allow a baby to associate his bed with the process of falling asleep.

“Fresh air is said to keep babies healthy and help them sleep better, and napping your baby outside is all weather,” @annieineventyrland said in her video.

Baby’s body temperature is regulated with light woolen clothes and a down duvet.

TikToker @annieineventyrland said parents walking into a store will keep an eye on the car while shopping, but babies aren’t often kidnapped.

“No one wants the responsibility of someone else’s child, especially when our health care system is doing everything it can to help everyone who wants theirs inexpensively,” she said. declared.

TikToker @annieineventyrland added that she slept her own baby outside in her stroller while they were home.

“It’s up to her to enjoy the benefits of the fresh air,” she said. “It’s her most familiar sleeping surface at this point, and I love that if ever my family and I want to go somewhere while she’s napping, we’re never stuck at home.”

Although this is a cultural norm in Denmark, many TikTok viewers flocked to the comments section and expressed surprise.

“It certainly sounds crazy, but if it works in your country, I’m ok with the benefits,” one viewer wrote.

“Imagine feeling so safe in a country,” another viewer commented.

“Wow, that’s amazing… In our country, we would go [to] jail if we did this,” one viewer wrote.

“I love it! But I’m in Perth, Australia[ralia] and though he was safe from the kidnappers, [I’d] worry they’ll get too hot,” one comment read.

Some expressed their appreciation for the practice.

“I feel like having the ability to safely walk away from your child when needed and do public/adult things would make better parents,” one viewer said.

A viewer said the practice was common where he lived in Sweden.

“Some of our preschools even let the kids sleep outside,” they wrote.

Newsweek contacted @annieineventyrland for comment.

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