Sandra Matushka

What is reality? It’s all in how you see it.

The whole concept of “reality” has always fascinated me and millions of others. Many moons ago (that’s the generational term for “long ago”), I eagerly gobbled up an evening philosophy class at what is now St. Joseph’s University in my hometown of Philadelphia. The instructor was popular whose late night classes were always packed and whose students, men and women, crowded around his desk after class to continue discussing topics he brought to life, like – well – reality.

In those years, the subject was a philosophical football with which one played for hours and which served as the basis for dissertations. You might have fun with the term because everyone knew what was real and, more importantly, what wasn’t. The term itself has never been questioned.

That was then. Now enter “Virtual Reality” and “Augmented Reality” and all their subtypes. The concepts have infiltrated our language, our television shows, our advertisements, and yes, our lives – like it or not.

Sandra Matushka

Rod Serling, creator of the vintage television series “Twilight Zone”, would find it hard today to create a series that exceeds what our “normal” is becoming. I particularly remember one episode in which a man continually visited a museum to see a particular landscape painting he liked, and in the end evaded the police by walking into the painting and disappearing. We now have the ability to do much the same thing with the right equipment.


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