Cleveland Clinic Selected as Founding Partner in Greater Washington, D.C. Center for Quantum Computing

Cleveland Clinic Selected as Founding Partner in Greater Washington, D.C. Center for Quantum Computing

The Cleveland Clinic has been selected as a founding partner and lead healthcare system in a new initiative to drive collaboration and innovation in the quantum computing industry.

Based in Greater Washington DC, Connected DMV and a cross-industry coalition of partners are developing the new Life Sciences and Healthcare Quantum Innovation Center to prepare the industry for the burgeoning quantum era and align on major national and global efforts in life sciences and quantum technologies. .

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) awarded Connected DMV more than $600,000 for Hub development. This will include forming a collaboration of at least 25 organizations specializing in quantum end-use and technology building.

The Cleveland Clinic was invited to join the Hub because of its work to advance medical research through quantum computing. As the coalition’s lead healthcare system, the Cleveland Clinic will help define the role of quantum in the future of healthcare and spread education to other healthcare systems about its possibilities.

“We think quantum computing holds great promise for accelerating the pace of scientific discovery,” said Lara Jehi, MD, MHCDS, chief research information officer at Cleveland Clinic. “As an academic medical center, research, innovation and education are integral to the Cleveland Clinic’s mission. Quantum, AI and other emerging technologies have the potential to revolutionize medicine, and we look forward to working with partners in healthcare and life sciences to solve complex medical problems and change the course of diseases. such as cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative disorders.

Last year, the Cleveland Clinic announced a 10-year partnership with IBM to establish the Discovery Accelerator, a joint center focused on reducing traditional bottlenecks in medical research through innovative technologies such as computing. quantum, hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence. The partnership leverages Cleveland Clinic’s medical expertise with IBM’s technology expertise, including its leadership in quantum technology, which recently resulted in the Breakthrough Award in Fundamental Physics for Information Science quantum. The Discovery Accelerator will allow Cleveland Clinic to contribute to the Connected DMV hub by accelerating the pace of discovery with the industry’s first onsite Quantum System One installed on Cleveland Clinic’s main campus.

“Innovation is always iterative and requires sustained collaboration between research, development and technology, and the industries that will benefit from the value generated,” said George Thomas, Connected DMV’s chief innovation officer and head of its Potomac Quantum Innovation Center initiative. “Quantum has the potential to have a substantial impact on our society in the near future, and the Life Sciences and Healthcare Quantum Innovation Hub will serve as the foundation for continued focus and investment to accelerate and evolve our path into the era of the quantity.”

The hub will be part of Connected DMV’s Potomac Quantum Innovation Center initiative, which aims to: accelerate quantum investments, as well as research and development; developing an equitable and scalable talent pool; and intensify collaboration between the public sector, academia, industry, community and investors to accelerate quantum value. Quantum Innovation Hubs are part of this initiative to accelerate quantum investment, research and development in key industrial sectors.

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