iTWire - Jamf Announces Intention to Acquire ZecOps, to Provide Market-Leading Security Solution for Mobile Devices as Targeted Attacks Continue to Rise

iTWire – Jamf Announces Intention to Acquire ZecOps, to Provide Market-Leading Security Solution for Mobile Devices as Targeted Attacks Continue to Rise

CORPORATE NEWS: Jamf, the Apple enterprise management standard, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire ZecOps, a leader in mobile detection and response.

This acquisition uniquely positions Jamf to help IT and security teams strengthen their organization’s mobile security posture, accelerating mobile security investigations from weeks to minutes, leveraging Known Indicators of Compromise (IOC ) at scale and identifying sophisticated attacks in 0 or 1 click on many deeper scale.

“I’m very excited to bring the advanced mobile detection and response capabilities of ZecOps to the Jamf platform,” said Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf. “We believe that ZecOps has created a differentiated solution that addresses a very important need for many organizations – the ability to detect and thoroughly investigate threats that target mobile users so they can confidently use these powerful devices for work. This capability further propels our goal to continue to bridge the gap between what Apple provides and what the company needs.”

Mobile devices now account for 59% of global website traffic and, according to the 2022 Verizon Mobile Security Index, nearly half (45%) of businesses reported having experienced a compromise involving a mobile device in the last 12 month.

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ZecOps will bring important functionality to the Jamf platform to help address the growing trend of targeted mobile attacks. Jamf offers robust mobile security and management capabilities for iOS devices; however, accessing deeper insight into potential security exploits is technically difficult and requires physical access to the device, which is difficult in a remote work environment. ZecOps is a robust and unparalleled solution that provides the deepest layer of information and assurance for security-conscious customers with high-value targets that need something more. ZecOps offers the same level of visibility currently available for macOS through Jamf Protect but for iOS, making it capable of detecting the kinds of sophisticated mobile threats that Apple’s Lockdown Mode aims to prevent. With ZecOps, users can operate Lockdown Mode and ZecOps software at the same time.

Advanced search for threats on mobile devices

Advanced mobile device protection requires a layered approach. Proactive investigation and analysis complement device management and mobile threat defense for more advanced detections and preventative protections. ZecOps enables advanced threat hunting by capturing and analyzing logs from iOS and Android devices at the operating system level, enabling security operations and incident response teams to perform automated or remote mobile cyber investigations. Requirement.

Digital Investigation and Incident Response

Security teams are already overwhelmed with data. Event logs, analyst reports, third-party threat intelligence feeds, and more are produced regularly for applications, endpoints, and network infrastructure. Mobile has always been excluded from this data flow. Many survey teams lack expertise in modern mobile platforms. ZecOps’ sophisticated forensic capabilities provide security operations center (SOC) teams with unique mobile threat insights to uncover zero-day attacks. ZecOps does the heavy lifting for SOC teams, saving months of work per survey. The solution automatically builds a timeline of suspicious events and indicators of compromise to show when and how a device was impacted.


Data privacy is extremely important to Jamf. ZecOps shares Jamf’s commitment to protecting user data by ensuring that log collection does not include the user’s material personal data such as photos, videos, text messages, and chat logs. calls, and leveraging only low-level system information and diagnostic data to the cloud for analysis. ZecOps analysis can also take place on-site to meet the data privacy requirements of various organizations and governments.

“We founded ZecOps to detect hidden attacks in 0-click and 1-click,” said ZecOps co-founder and CEO Zuk Avraham. “By partnering with Jamf, we can offer our customers truly powerful mobile threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities that will keep up with the changing threat landscape without compromising the user experience.”

This transaction is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the fourth quarter. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

About Jamf

Jamf’s goal is to make work easier by helping organizations manage and secure an Apple experience that end users love and organizations trust. Jamf is the only company in the world to provide a complete management and security solution for an Apple environment that is secure for the business, simple for the consumer and protects privacy. To learn more, visit

About ZecOps

ZecOps develops the world’s most powerful platform for discovering and analyzing mobile cyberattacks. Used by leading enterprises, governments and individuals around the world, the ZecOps Mobile Detection and Response platform offers a realistic and scalable approach to hunting mobile threats. ZecOps enables automated discovery of 0-day attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), delivering anti-cyber espionage capabilities in minutes.


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