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10 beginner tips for Bonelab

bonelab is a VR game that allows players to explore a fun and adventurous world filled with exciting levels and enemies to face. People can find their way to an underground research facility that focuses on physics-based scenarios that are ultra-realistic.

Published by Stress Level Zero, bonelabprovides VR enthusiasts with hours of gameplay that involves using the environment to survive. Throughout the game, players can find melee and ranged weapons to strike enemies and advance. People can find new avatars to take on new forms while venturing through the different terrains of bonelab. Here are some beginner tips to help gamers enjoy their long-awaited VR gaming experience.


10/10 Take a look around the map

People who are new to VR games will be delighted to explore the levels of bonelab. The VR game features a dark and mysterious world that is full of objects for players to interact with. The steps of bonelab are designed to pique players’ interest without giving a set of instructions to follow or quests to complete.

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There are danger around every corner From the game. Players need to be careful around the map and take a closer look to find their way. People can use in-game items to unlock new areas on the map. Rushing into places will cause players to be killed.

9/10 Find the key to unlock the prison cell

The first chapter of the game allows players to get their hands on a number of items. People can find barrels, axes, and documents scattered around the map. Players will need to find a specific key to unlock the prison doors in the first stage.

Get to the room that has a skeleton trapped in a cage. The room has a desk with a barrel and a document kept on it. Players can look under the desk to find a key that looks like a glowing orb. Place the key in the guarded slot in the corner of the prison cell to open the doors to the next room.

8/10 Walk through the air vents

bonelab has several hidden locations that must be ventured to cover new ground. The first chapter of the game can lead to quite a few dead ends. In the room with three computers on the desk, players will encounter bloodthirsty crawlers. Shoot down the robot crawlers with melee weapons or guns to clear the area of ​​hostile targets.

The edge of the coin has a ladder next to a vent. Climb the ladder and open the vent door to access a hidden path. These vents are dark and navigating through them can be a challenge. Walk slowly through the vents to avoid falling through.

7/10 Use the console to place the activators

Players will find the puzzles increasingly difficult to solve as they progress through the story. In the game’s Modules chapter, players need to assemble six power sources in the great hall to unlock the map’s quarantine zone.

The console will display six locations on the screen. These locations are marked with a trail of blue and yellow lights. Players can use the gears on the console to move the magnet to the different sections of the great hall to collect the energy sources. Place each of the six power sources on the base on either side of the console so you can unlock the quarantine area.

6/10 Use a shield for defense

Players will discover that the world of bonelab has many enemies to fight. People can fight skeletons, mercenaries, crawlers and other types of enemies throughout the game. FPS game allows people to equip multiple types of weapons to defend themselves.

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Players can also equip a shield with one hand while carrying a weapon with the other. The shield can be particularly useful against mercenaries and turrets in the game, as it can deflect bullets and other projectiles which can prove fatal. The shield can be replaced by another weapon at any time in the game.

5/10 Get a high score at the shooting range

Players can enjoy various mini-games in bonelab. There’s a fun mini-game in the Mine Dive chapter that lets players pop custom creatures onto a metal bar. Use the Machine Gun kept at the Firing Range in the Mine Dive chapter to practice shooting.

Players can shoot bats for 10 points at the shooting range. Shooting a rat will earn players 15 points and shooting a snake will earn players 20 points. Destroy black bottles for 40 points and blue bottles for 60 points. Shooting ghosts will earn 100 points, shooting TNT will earn 150 points, and shooting down a Gotcha will provide 200 points. Scores are displayed on a screen in front of the machine gun.

4/10 railway rage

Those who enjoyed taking creatures out of the firing range will be excited for the next section of the Mine Dive chapter. Players can find a wooden wagon after passing in front of the firing range. Crouch down in the wagon to settle down and get the wagon in motion.

The wagon will run through long corridors riddled with creatures on metal poles that players can destroy. Beware of rocks, crates and wooden planks which can prevent bullets from reaching the target. The total score accumulated during the journey in the wagon is projected at the end of the chapter.

3/10 Take Cover During Combat

There are weapon-laden mercenaries all over the game. Damage from mercenaries can cause players to stagnate between levels of bonelab. A good strategy to use when fighting mercenaries is to take cover to avoid getting hit.

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The player can take cover behind doors, pillars and other objects while exploring the map in Bonelab. Players can wield two-handed firearms so they can take down enemies with convenience. Hiding behind cover also allows players to better plan their attacks. It is also possible to find ammo for guns while seeking cover.

2/10 Complete a lap in under 60 seconds

Players can test their motor skills on an international track in bonelab. The Monogon Highway lets players take control of a Go-Kart to race around a circuit in style. It may take some time to get used to the steering on the circuit.

The Go-Kart can be a challenge for newcomers to manage while taking tight turns. Apply the brakes before cornering to avoid crashing the Go-Kart. Fast go-karts can hit railings and bushes on the circuit, increasing lap time on the Monogon Highway. Try to complete the lap in less than 60 seconds to pass the stage with satisfaction.

1/10 Try out a range of weapons

bonelab offers a wide variety of weapons that can be used in the game. From an ax to a mace, there are several weapons that players can use to fight enemies. Melee weapons, such as the mace and the axe, are especially good at smashing breakable objects.

Players can collect guns and ammo to destroy enemies. Those who like a challenge can try using their bare hands to annihilate enemies as an old-school technique to beat the game. Players who prefer using guns in the game can get headshots to minimize the ammo they need to kill enemies.

Released September 29, 2022, bonelab can be played on PC and Meta Quest 2.

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